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Ty Segall: Goodbye Bread (Album Review)


Listening to Ty Segall’s newest album, Goodbye Bread, is like writing with your very own personalized pen. It gives you a sense of contentment, similar to the feeling of finally scratching an itch that has evaded you for days.

All the tracks in Goodbye Bread, the indie artist’s seventh album, have a common theme of raw, laid-back rock. Typical of most grunge music, Segall’s songs possess an undeniable angst. Some would argue that the line-up showcases songs that resemble each other, but this may simply be a manifestation of Ty Segall’s successful self-discovery.

I Can’t Feel It almost sounds like a slow rock love song, justified by an interesting mix of familiar chords and emotions, making it a song that’s easy to relate to. In Goodbye Bread, also the name of one of the album’s significant singles, Segall drawls out his sentiments to unapologetically slow guitar strums.

You Make the Sun Fry carries the same theme as most of Segall’s songs, remaining true to the older songs he was known for. Perhaps he has found out that the slow grunge movement works best with his lazy, almost drugged singing, something that’s quite easy on the ears. His songs are almost soundtrack-worthy as they carry a definite emotion, albeit of anger, bitterness, and/or sadness.

Cents comes off as a thick, voice-saturated song. It plays out as something much heavier than other songs in the album, which is perhaps why proves its point with a punch. One thing is for sure: whoever has loved Ty Segall before is sure to love this new album as he made it a point to stick to his original formula. Whether or not he knew of other ways to sing is a matter of argument. Perhaps he simply believes in the saying, if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

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Download: “You Make The Sun Fry” by Ty Segall
[audio:110721-ty-segall-you-make-the-sun-fry.mp3|titles=You Make The Sun Fry|artists=Ty Segall]


Drag City [LP, 2011]

1. Goodbye Bread
2. California Commercial
3. Comfortable Home (A True Story)
4. You Make The Sun Fry
5. I Can’t Feel It
6. My Head Explodes
7. The Floor
8. Where Your Head Goes
9. I Am With You
10. Fine

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