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Raving About Rendezvous


Electronica buffs are about to have an aneurysm – in a good way. That’s because Rendezvous, the electropop band with a jazz twist, is about to launch its very first album.

Just half a decade ago, Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg made their own legacy. Starting from scratch, they wrote their own music and searched for that elusive music style they can call their own. I find the result of this soul-searching as a wonderful marriage in music: that of sixties-inspired psychedelic retro jazz and today’s clean electropop sound. Eventually, Simon and Izenberg came to be known as Rendezvous, a name I find appropriate for a band whose music serves to acquaint two opposing genres with each other.

Rendezvous’ hard work paid off. Soon, their first EP came out, posted on the internet for everybody to listen to. It wasn’t hard to convince people to spare a moment for a few seconds of Rendezvous’ songs; in fact, their online songs have been downloaded thousands of times, earning Rendezvous a fan base of more than 7000 members on Facebook – and all this was the result of a single EP.

Finally, fans like myself will be appeased! Rendezvous is now working to finish their debut album, in collaboration with Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode producer/mixer David Bascombe. Rendezvous has compiled an impressive album, featuring songs that each have something special to offer. Expect their album to showcase a string orchestra, darbuka, other Asian instruments, and, more importantly, expect the unexpected.

To make things even sweeter, I discovered that Uzi Adam, an accomplished filmmaker from Israel, has joined the team to capture Rendezvous’ moments of glory on film. Highlights of Rendezvous’ album making and production are now available on the Internet.

For a taste of Rendezvous’ music, feel free to listen to “So What”, “No Man’s Land”, and “Incognito”. All songs offer a distinct feel unique to Rendezvous. But why take my word for it? Listen to Rendezvous and hear it to believe it:

Rendezvous on their official website

Rendezvous: Incognito (feat. Summertime) [mp3]
[audio:100108-rendezvous-incognito.mp3|titles=Incognito (feat. Summertime)|artists=Rendezvous]

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  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that Incognito is freakin’ awesome!!! you know the feeling that you get only once in a while, that shivering spine thing!? the one that melts your heart for a sec!? well, i just got it, so thanks, i really mean it and i’m definitely gonna coming back again later on.

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