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Chairlift [Feature Band]

Chairlift Band

Written by Fense

Chairlift is an 80s-influenced synth-pop trio from Brooklyn and their eerily dark pop will surely take the states by storm when they release Does You Inspire You, their debut LP, on Kanine Records this fall.

The album is slated to hit October 28, but, for those who want to get an early Chairlift ride can pick up the Evident Utensil 7″ Single. This feature has been in my backlog for some time and it’s a good thing I didn’t post it before now, as there’s some fresh news: the new iPod Nano ad features Chairlift’s “Bruises”. For those curious what the iPod looks like, I’ve embedded the ad below. Cute. Fun. Catchy.

“Evident Utensil” is an odd name for a song; Chairlift creates haunted soundscapes in the song with hook-filled synth riffs. Equally odd are the vocals, opening the song with: The most evident utensil / Is none other than a pencil

The synth lines are fit for a haunted house, much like those Belaire used on last year’s Exploding, Impacting. But, all oddities aside, the song is super catchy and damn well worth your time. Listen. I dare you.

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