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Darlings: Nothing I Don’t Care For

Brooklyn slacker pop outfit Darlings have been a long-time favorite. Darlings from 2009 was a top LP for that year, and their Warma EP follow-up in 2010 followed suit for EPs. Then they went silent for a year or so before giving us a 7″ single with Pet The Ghost in 2012 with the promise… Continue reading Darlings: Nothing I Don’t Care For

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A Darlings Interview

Not too long ago, Grant (aka. The Gumshoe of The Gumshoe Grove) and I pieced together some questions for Darlings, one of our mutual favorite bands from 2009. Some were a little odd, some funny, some flat out dumb. They were kind enough to provide us with some answers, no matter how ridiculous the questions.… Continue reading A Darlings Interview