The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

Denmark artist Bjarke Bendtsen, better known state-side as The Migrant, is back with his third album. Beads continues Bendtsen’s collective-style experimental/psychedelic folk-pop leanings. Loosely translated, GFRock calls the new album “A meditative journey in Nordic Americana.” Earlier this month, the band gave us a video created by a woman named Mary for album highlight “The… Continue reading The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’


Moodoïd: De Folie Pure (NSFW Video)

Pablo Padovani, son of cult jazz musician Jean-Marc Padovani and guitarist for Melody’s Echo Chamber, goes solo with Moodoïd. Somewhat reminiscent of the erratic nature of GOAT (at least in “De Folie Pure”) and the modern glam Of Montreal has come to encompass, with Moodoïd Padovani creates a mash-up of world music and psychedelic pop.… Continue reading Moodoïd: De Folie Pure (NSFW Video)


The Sudden Death of Stars: Supernovae (Video)

Do an image search for Rennes, France, and you’ll find photos of astonishing medieval buildings, of breathtaking landscapes and of mystical palaces. This is the town The Sudden Death of Stars calls home; not necessarily where you’d expect to find a psychedelic pop band with a 1960s penchant.


MTNS: Lost Track of Time

Despite use of digital equipment, a favoring of syths and electronic percussion, ambient bands like Brisbane, Australia’s MTNS seem to have an uncanny connection with nature. The natural world, the great outdoors; there’s something that bodes well with MTNS’ relaxed sound. In Theresa Fryer’s new video for MTNS’ first single “Lost Track of Time”, she… Continue reading MTNS: Lost Track of Time

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Minks Release Sophomore LP “Tides End”

This week Minks released their sophomore LP on Captured Tracks. The new album, Tides End, sees the band progressing beyond their lo-fi, Joy Division-esque early days of By the Hedge. They’ve grown into a much more dreamy sound; one less harsh and abrasive than found on their debut.


Coke Weed: Sunseekers

I haven’t listened to Coke Weed before now, but here they are with their third LP, Back to Soft. My lack of awareness isn’t all that surprising; the band has only been around two years, releasing their debut Volume One in 2011 and their follow-up Nice Dreams a year later. Back to Soft was released… Continue reading Coke Weed: Sunseekers


The Sufis: No Expression (Video)

It’s been about one year since The Sufis gave us their stellar self-titled debut LP. That album featured hyper-psychedelic pop laden with tambourine, harmony vocals, and an array of non-traditional instruments even for psych-pop: harpsichord, woodwinds, and other stringed instruments. The Sufis’ new LP, Inventions, arrives today via Ample Play and Burger Records. To promote… Continue reading The Sufis: No Expression (Video)


Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)

Hazy psychedelic pop and hip hop do not go well together. Yet with his new single, Gap Dream’s Gabe Fulvimar pulls off the mash-up effortlessly. Never have two so mismatched genres worked this well together. “Chill Spot” is the new song’s name, and it can be found as the A-side on Gap Dream’s new 7-inch… Continue reading Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)


Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)

As I write this, I’m hungry. And I’m watching a brand new video by Fishboy for “IMAVOLCANO” that features pizza. I’m about to head up to Bellingham with my new wife and go to Rudy’s, which has an awesome half-price deal on Wednesdays. We’ll be stocking up with leftovers. For now, I’ll watch this awesome… Continue reading Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)


Jib Kidder: New Crimes (Video)

Alright, latest obsession: Jib Kidder. It’s a no-brainer, hearing that the band’s new release will be split between Burger Records and Gnar Tapes and Shit was no surprise. Jib Kidder fits right in on both accounts. Par the course, Jib Kidder’s video for “New Crimes”, the lead single off new LP IV, is a mish-mash… Continue reading Jib Kidder: New Crimes (Video)