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A Shoreline Dream: Recollections Of Memory [Album Review]

A Shoreline Dream

The name A Shoreline Dream (MySpace) is, perhaps, the best indicator of what to find in their music. It is filled with crashing waves and sandy beaches and a trade off between a mystical evening sky and one tormented with dark storm clouds. These visual soundscapes lead the listener through an undertow of shoegaze, a mashup of pop and rock, and the struggle between dark vs. light, good vs. evil, land vs. liquid, life vs. death.

On Recollections Of Memory it is quite apparent that A Shoreline Dream has continued to master their dark sounds found as early as their debut record and slightly more recently on their brief EP, Coastal. Their sound has matured, has molded into something entirely the group’s own. Space-filled, drawn out guitars and erratic percussion fill the void, creating an untouchable gray area that sparks questions like What is the meaning of life? And oft indecipherable vocals encourage the quest for a peek into the beyond.

Good music sparks emotion, whether its due to powerful meaning behind poetic lyrics or just a dumbass silly grin. But great music makes you ponder philosophical questions and conjures a peaceful cognitive awareness. And A Shoreline Dream’s Recollections Of Memory does just that.

A Shoreline Dream: Hypermode [mp3]
[audio:090324_a_shoreline_dream_-_hypermode.mp3|titles=Hypermode|artists=A Shoreline Dream]

Recollections Of Memory by A Shoreline Dream

Latenight Weeknight [CD, 2009]

1. Manhattan Beach
2. Hypermode
3. Seattle
4. Departure
5. The Night Before
6. NeverChanger
7. Mid Decembers
8. The Missing
9. Interlusion
10. Pasadena

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  1. A great album, indeed. I have a feeling this band is just getting started and has a lot more up their sleeve than this record suggests. Can’t wait for the next one, but loving this one in the meantime.

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