Cake On Cake [Feature Band]

Cake On Cake

Written by Fense

One of the first noticeable items about Cake On Cake (MySpace) is the name. It’s a sweet (no pun intended) take on Bob Dylan’s classic Blonde On Blonde. The two, of course, have little, if anything, in common. It’s there; but that’s not really important in the bigger scheme of things, now, is it? We’re here to hear about the music.

Yet again, here is a band that is immediately reminiscent of Au Revoir Simone. I seem to have written about several of those lately (Chop Chop, Hearts In Palm UK… the list goes on). And again, it’s the airy female vocals and emphasis on keyboards that warrants the relation. However, unlike some of the other new groups that hint of the dominant trio monikered after a Pee Wee Herman line, Cake On Cake has a distinct European sound, primarily in vocals.

Yes, I recognize that accent — it is the one most frequently heard in my beloved Swedish artists and it is also an immediate element that sets Cake On Cake aside from Au Revoir Simone, Hearts In Palm UK, and Chop Chop; these three artists have all been covered here and, no surprise, received praise. And there’s another sound that I hear in the music of Cake On Cake — the obscure, more experimental pop I have come to cherish in Swedish artists like Fredrik, or even a neighboring country’s Silje Nes. It’s pop, it’s cute, and I really really dig it.

Cake On Cakes latest, Hymns I Can Remember, is available for preorder now on Sleepy Records.

Cake On Cake: Sunday Girl [mp3]
[audio:1105_cake_on_cake_-_sunday_girl.mp3|titles=Sunday Girl|artists=Cake On Cake]

Cake On Cake: Visiting The Venice Biennale [mp3]
[audio:1105_cake_on_cake_-_visiting_the_venice_biennale.mp3|titles=Visiting The Venice Biennale|artists=Cake On Cake]

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