Delta Spirit [Feature Band]

Delta Spirit

Written by Fense

This feature warrants a introductory statement: For those of you who actually read, you’re in for a treat. In an effort to boost FensePost comments, I’m giving you a chance to get the Delta Spirit CD and a physical copy of Ragged Magazine. Leave your comment over the weekend or early next week and I’ll choose a winner on next Friday. Simply let me know what you think of the song “Trashcan”, included below. It can be well thought out, or simply an I love it!

Delta Spirit (MySpace) was recently featured in Ragged Magazine (their site allows a download on a mini copy of the mag), but I was originally introduced to the band several months ago by Daytrotter. But I was confused—I thought it was The Duke Spirit (another group that surfaced through Daytrotter). I stand corrected; these two bands are very, very different.

Regarding the “competition”, I’ll go first. I like it—the intro piano has a bouncy soul that carries through in the vocals. “Trashcan” is the first single from Ode To Sunshine, out now on Rounder Recodrs, a label known more for roots and bluegrass rather than an indie powerhouse. But if the rest of Ode To Sunshine is anything like “Trashcan”, we all are in for a major treat (myself included).

Delta Spirit: Trashcan [mp3]
[audio:1003_delta_spirit_-_trashcan.mp3|titles=Trashcan|artists=Delta Spirit]

2 thoughts on “Delta Spirit [Feature Band]

  1. something about the piano reminds me of piebald’s “part of your body is made of rock” though it is different enough to be interesting. not bad.

  2. the piano is pretty addicting and the vocals are similar to Nathan Willett from the cold war kids. If you like these guys, you should also check out what made milwaukee famous. I went to go see them live and they played a cover of this. IT WAS AMAZING!

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