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Bunkbed: Substance Abuse 7 Inch Single

This isn’t a single to blast loudly. This isn’t a song for the outdoors. It’s one to play on an overcast fall day, much like today. In a place like here, a small town in NW Washington where the wind blows heavy and rain streams down icy and cold. It’s solitary, isolated. Alone.


Book Review: Little Wonder by Kat Gardiner

Gardiner’s style of writing is sometimes witty, filled with a wondrous humor, a lonely sadness, a fond goodbye. Creative and astute, unabashed at the blatantness of failure, of broken dreams, at one moment there’s an inside joke about an oddball frequent customer (Anacortes is filled with them) followed by a painful memory of crying in desperation in an empty, vacant shop.

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Falling Man: A Mixtape for a Tumultuous Year

To say that 2018 has been somewhat of a tumultuous year would be an understatement. It’s been erratic and transformative for sure, filled with chaos and excitement and monumental, life changing catalysts. Upheaval, though, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But even good, it requires periods of adjustment, rejuvenation, and contemplation–especially for a classic… Continue reading Falling Man: A Mixtape for a Tumultuous Year

Album Reviews

Falling Hard: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Releases “Wasteland”

They say the strongest human emotion is fear. In fact, it tops Robert Plutchik’s list of eight basic emotions. Love does not find its way into Plutchik’s theory on emotions, but it does find its way (if just barely) into Aristotle’s Rhetoric. Fear, and Love. Two intense emotions; and both of them come into play… Continue reading Falling Hard: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Releases “Wasteland”