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Young And Sexy Band

Young And Sexy: Panic When You Find It [Album Review]

As a young boy my exposure to music was limited to Oldies. I fell in love with groups like The Beatles and The Beach Boys. My father was especially fond of James Taylor so, naturally, I enjoyed his music as well. Growing older I became rebellious and searched out newer music sources, shunning my early loves and growing my hair to a painful-looking shoulder-length. Looking back at pictures of me with the less-slick Stephen Segal pony-tail make me cringe. But I guess we all go through such phases. I eventually came around to revert back to some of those early influences on my music palette. So why all this discussion of the music of old? How can that be relevant to a Canadian band called Young & Sexy? For starters the group’s third release, Panic When You Find It, does not sound like it was first released upon the world in 2006.

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Young And Sexy Band

Young And Sexy: The Curious Organ [Video]

Upon discovering Young And Sexy in the preview rack at KZUU last year, “The Curious Organ” became a quick favorite of mine, topped only by “Conventional Lullabies”. Panic When You Find It also made my personal top 20 albums of 2006. “The Curious Organ” begins with lyrics Time of the Season which immediately draw reference to The Zombies as the instrumentation has similarities to the group, though not the song.

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