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The Sonics

The Sonics

The Sonics are a garage rock band out of Tacoma, Washington that formed in 1960 and remain active to this day. They are considered pioneers of both garage rock and the early punk scene. Loud, hard, and aggressive, their early music was released on Etiquette Records and Jerden Records.

The band was originally active until about 1968. After a few attempts at reuniting, they have been relatively active since 2008. Still, the Sonics’ most notable albums are their first two: Here are the Sonics!!! from 1965 and Boom from 1966.

For a more comprehensive bio and history on the band, visit their Wikipedia Page. You can find their discography on Discogs (along with plenty of sellers to buy from). Reissues of some of their albums can be found on Amazon.

Below you’ll find a complete collection of blog posts, album reviews, single and song reviews, features, lists, and more on FensePost that cover The Sonics.

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