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"Teen Creeps" by No Age playing on KSVR

Fense’s Radio Show: October 26, 2012

I don’t know when the last time vinyl was played on KSVR, but by the state of the record players it may have been quite a while. I dropped by the studio mid day on Friday to make sure the turntables worked properly, then came home and put together a split show. The first half, Halloween-ish songs (even if only in name, some only by their haunting sound) followed by half a show of more dance-y, electronic and remix tracks.

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Valentine’s Day Special: 21 Great Singles You May Have Missed

I’ve been contemplating doing something for Valentine’s Day for years, and I finally settled on something good — a massive post packed with great singles from the past. Seems fitting, being the romantic holiday can be a bit alienating for the single person. Or that the seemingly comfy nature of the 7-inch single, with two (well, typically, with an occasional three or four) great songs placed back to back and stuffed in a typically well-designed sleeve, is a bit romantic in and of itself.

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A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2004


What a decade it’s been. 2004 was my first year in the so-called Real World; jobs, car payments, instability everywhere. Things weren’t all happy and seemingly upbeat like the mid 90s. After eight months in Seattle, I found myself unemployed and decided it was time for more education. I moved to the greater Portland area and began prep to enter a Masters in Business Administration program, taking night classes at WSU Vancouver and making a frequent trip out to Pullman, where I’d soon attend graduate school. The overall instability and open-your-eyes wake-up calls of 2004 seemed to extend beyond me. Two of the most honest and disturbing albums I’ve ever heard were released this year – another strong one in music overall.

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The Organ

The Organ: Thieves [Album Review]

Very few groups can consider themselves a true girl group, especially if their numbers are greater than three, let alone four. But The Organ boasts five. After a very well-received debut release in Grab That Gun, the ladies of The Organ sadly parted ways. Luck for us, they decided to patch things up long enough to finish recording their followup EP, Thieves — or else, at least, treat us with a posthumous little gift.

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