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Kishi Bashi Christmas Flexi Disc

Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

Each year I shun Christmas music like it’s the plague. It begins too early, is far too repetitive, and, quite frankly, is a bit boring. That is, until this year. It began with “The Week Between”, a new track off One Christmas at a Time, an LP that finds Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick (The Long Winters) collaborating for a full album of original Christmas music.

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The Long Winters: Putting The Days To Bed [Album Review]


I first saw The Long Winters live at the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle at the end of July, 2004. Along with IQU, they stood out as the event’s best performers. The second time was in Pullman this past spring [2006] for the university’s annual Spring Fest. And again, they left the other performers behind to become the main attraction of the day. Standing at what appears to be well over six feet tall, front-man John Roderick has a stage presence that is outstanding. I recall hearing “Pushover” and the quick, punchy chords of “Fire Island, AK”. I remember “Sky Is Open” being a favorite, and possibly even “Rich Wife” and “Ultimatum”. Read More »The Long Winters: Putting The Days To Bed [Album Review]

FensePost: the Best Albums of 2003

A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2003

The summer of 2003 was a hot one in eastern Washington, and my concrete bunker of an apartment contained the heat like no other. Granted, the image below wasn’t shot by yours truly until 2004, but it sure seemed hot enough to ignite even the least combustible of items. I wrapped up my undergraduate that December, which was cold as Antarctica, and upon that milestone I moved to Seattle. It was a good year for the Northwest; many of my favorite albums came from Seattle labels like Sub Pop and Barsuk. As for the list, I’ve expanded it to 20. Couldn’t help it.

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