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FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

It’s been a few months since I threw together a podcast, so I figured it was about time for another one. Besides, I’ve been working diligently on a mix-tape for a new local pal, Brett Sandström, whom I met after purchasing a Tullycraft single on eBay – he being the seller, both of us being astonished to find other Tullycraft fans in Skagit County. What began as a modern tribute to light garage pop ultimately changed direction to hint at songs that fit a sweltering, hot summer day.

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Summer Cats: Super [Video]

Summer Cats

Summer Cats‘ new LP, Songs For Tuesday, is backed with lovable indie pop gems like “Lonely Planet”, “Hey You” and “Super”. After dropping a video last year for “Lonely Planet”, Summer Cats now do the same for “Super”, one of the more infectious songs off the Australian pop band’s latest. Where “Lonely Planet” merely featured people dancing around, this one has more of a storyline. There’s plenty to love here, from people with cat faces (just paint), to the exquisite French car, to the adorable kitten at the end. Read More »Summer Cats: Super [Video]

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