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Alvvays Blue Rev Close Up

Alvvays | Blue Rev | Blue Marble Vinyl

When I compile best of albums of the year each December, I have a few rules for myself. One such rule is that I must have the album in my collection. This is a relatively new thing, post-pandemic. Either way, it’s inevitable: each January, I tend to finally get an album that I hadn’t picked up that should have made the list. Case in point, the third Alvvays album, Blue Rev, which just arrived half way through January.

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Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu is rarely an easy listen. Think back to 2004’s Fabulous Muscles and abrasive tracks like “Support Our Troops” “OH! (Black Angels OH!)” and “Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version)”; both presented real-life content upstanding members of society would rather push under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist. Yet “I Luv the Valley OH!” was a bright spot with a memorable melody and rhythms that could get inside your head. Read More »Xiu Xiu’s “Stupid In The Dark” Asks You To Kill Your Ungrateful Lover.

Dusted: Feature


Dusted is the new project by Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck), taking his music creation in a totally different direction. “Property Lines” is the second track to be released from the band’s debut album, Total Dust, and it stands apart from other songs on the album in that it’s louder and more encompassing than most off the LP. Read More »Dusted: Feature

Of Montreal: Dour Percentage MP3

Of Montreal

In a way, I kind of miss the days when Of Montreal gave us songs like “Disconnect the Dots” and “The Party’s Crashing Us” and even “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”. Paralytic Stalks seems a different beast entirely, filled with further psychedelic pop experimentation than we’re used to from Kevin Barnes and company. The more I listen to it, the more I get it. This album is not supposed to be an easy listen. Read More »Of Montreal: Dour Percentage MP3

James Husband: A Parallax I (Cover Art)


Any music nerd that enjoys the physical release is likely to favor limited print items. Case in point: me. I love ‘em! Can’t get enough of ‘em. A limited release means it will ultimately go out of print, and that OOP association is something nerds like me freak out about. Take, for example, yesterday; someone gave up some old early 90’s K and Sub Pop 7″ singles to Sonic Boom in Ballard (a Seattle neighborhood, for those of you who aren’t familiar with The Emerald City). I picked up OOP singles by Seaweed and a super rare early single by Beck. Read More »James Husband: A Parallax I (Cover Art)

Casiokids: Finn Bikkjen! [Video]


Casiokids‘ “Finn Bikkjen!” is a video about a man and his dog. On his dreamscape journey attempting to catch his best friend, he comes across strange dancers. From there, things get a little weird. The video goes well with the Casiokids style of psychedelic electro pop. “Finn Bikkjen!” lives up to the band’s recent hype, collecting hip beats and fronting it with their Norwegian tongue. The result is a fun tune, a fun video, and an exciting new band. Read More »Casiokids: Finn Bikkjen! [Video]

Headlights: Get Going [Track Review]


While nothing new, it’s still a bit odd to hear a Headlights song without Erin Fein at the vocal helm, as found on the group’s new single “Get Going”. Even as early as The Enemies EP from 2005, the group dabbled in giving Fein’s male counterpart, Tristan Wraight, a vocal lead. But her dominating vocal presence on some of the greatest tunes from their two LPs, Kill Them With Kindness and last year’s Some Racing, Some Stopping all but removed the memory that others occasionally snagged that role. Read More »Headlights: Get Going [Track Review]

Headlights: Kill Them With Kindness [Album Review]

HeadlightsKill Them With Kindness comes with incredible hype. So, what everyone wishes to know is whether or not the album lives up to said hype. When it comes down to the answer, it all depends on the individual and their expectations of the band, their personal musical preferences, and their particular mood at the time of their first listen… second listen, third listen, etc.

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