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Stars In Coma: You’re Still Frozen In Time [Album Review]

Stars In Coma

When You’re Still Frozen In Time arrived in the mail, I got really excited—the group’s label was responsible for releasing one of my favorite indiepop albums last year, an album by Fireflies. Stars In Coma feature heavy synths and glam-like bits, but not quite to the level of Sweden’s The Ark; where The Ark is more rock driven, Stars In Coma makes glam pop. Read More »Stars In Coma: You’re Still Frozen In Time [Album Review]

Celestial: Crystal Heights [Album Review]


Oh yes, now Celestial has several traits of the typical Swedish pop band. There’s the lovely indie pop guitar sound that shows The Smiths as a key influence. There’s the bouncy, yet emotive vocals—here female fronted. (That woman is Malin Dahlberg, perhaps more well known for her work in Douglas Music and Laurel Music.) And, it sounds like Swedish pop, a sub genre that sometimes can be fairly homogeneous.

Read More »Celestial: Crystal Heights [Album Review]
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