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Thom Carter: Strange Dreams (Album Review)

He’s been known by many names over the years.  For avid FensePost readers, Menhirs of Er Grah will probably ring a bell.  For avid Thom Carter followers, March Rosetta, Black Crown, Minimal States, Needleleaf, and a few more names might seem a bit more recognizable.  But, now, we have Mr. Carter directly in the flesh. With his most personal record yet, we find the rocket man who has hidden behind several different names over the years, spread out with a naked soul on his debut album under his own name. Strange Dreams is a perfect love letter for a career that has contained nothing short of a collection of musical displays of amazing ambiguity and “souvenirs and cigarettes” (as the man quotes) of one of the hardest working men creating amazing music today. Read More »Thom Carter: Strange Dreams (Album Review)

Menhirs of Er Grah: From Here To You [Album Review]


Thom Carter has held many titles in his career. You might know him as Black Crown, Filmforests, Cave Lions, Minimal States, or even March Rosetta. But, his most compelling, yet least eccentric, hat is without a doubt Menhirs of Er Grah. Way back when his short timed but full of life album Mourning Dove hit the digital streets, Thom established himself as one of the finest folk masterminds in the UK. And our man has really outdone himself with his latest effort, From Here To You. Making the call right now, this is the greatest collection of songs that Thom Carter has ever made. Period. Read More »Menhirs of Er Grah: From Here To You [Album Review]

Menhirs of Er Grah: Billy Cross’s Daughter [Album Review]

Menhirs of Er Grah

The always musically vigilant singer/songwriter Thom Carter has some stories to tell on his third release as Menhirs of Er Grah, Billy Cross’s Daughter. And they are amongst the best he has even told. Thom has announced that he has tried to “bury his Eric Clapton CD’s in a casket under the sea”. But, even he will admit that he still has subliminal nods to the king of Cream throughout this amazing album. Read More »Menhirs of Er Grah: Billy Cross’s Daughter [Album Review]

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