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Awesome Color: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 73

Awesome Color

Now, I’ve never been to Detroit, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard things. Things like the astounding number of vacant homes, and how the bears are beginning roam freely within city limits. With the abandonment from the auto industry, it seems like there would be plenty of time to sit around and drink beer. I don’t know much about the background of Awesome Color, but it certainly seems a viable direction — for three grizzly, grimy dudes to decide to channel their collective energy wrought from the gray, dreary city into some sludgy sort of garage rock. Read More »Awesome Color: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 73

Glass Rock: Viva Radio’s Me+You Pt. 68


The latest artist to enter Viva Radio’s Me+You studio is Glass Rock and, as usual, we’ve got a sneak peek for you of their session. Their aptly titled debut, Tall Firs Meet Soft Location, defines the band’s make-up. Tall Firs coaxed Kathy Leisen, as the band puts it on MySpace, “out of retirement” to collaborate and create the band Glass Rock. And like those by Tall Firs, this album finds a home on Ecstatic Peace. Read More »Glass Rock: Viva Radio’s Me+You Pt. 68

The So So Glos: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 63


This week we bring you another, by way of Viva Radio’s Me + You, exclusive track. This time from Brooklyn tropical punk group The So So Glos. The song “Island Loops” is given somewhat of an acoustic makeover, dropping out a small amount of the percussion and the more ferocious aspects of the electric guitars. These brothers (yes, a band of brothers) take the tropical sound that seems to have defined early 2008 and then some, and give it a punk twist that is much more their own. You can hear it on “Island Loops”; it’s intrepid and nonchalant, relaxed and carefree. Read More »The So So Glos: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 63

Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt 62: The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes

Here’s a sneak peek for you who love rarities, exclusives and original material. And a bonus for those of you who dig radio in all its forms. The Raveonettes recently visited the Me + You studios for a Viva Radio spot and below you can hear the band performing their song “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)”. The session is Pt. 62 of Me + You, a live series that includes often funny and telling interviews with some of today’s hottest artists, conducted by host Ted Shumaker. The Raveonettes’ session airs at noon today on Viva Radio. Read More »Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt 62: The Raveonettes

Viva Radio Releases Massive Digital Comp ‘Best Of Me + You Vol. 1’

Deer Tick at Viva Radio

Viva Radio is one of the premier internet radio stations and to develop additional support, they’re giving us a pretty extensive and comprehensive compilation dubbed Best Of Me + You and featuring a total of 57 tracks. Granted, some of the tracks are station IDs and band interviews from the various groups on the comp, but that still leaves a solid quantity of songs from a who’s who collection of indie artists. And, to top it all, each song is an exclusive live take from Viva Radio’s Me + You. Read More »Viva Radio Releases Massive Digital Comp ‘Best Of Me + You Vol. 1’

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