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Marco Mahler: Laptop Campfire Speed [Album Review]

Marco Mahler

Marco Mahler makes dreamy minimalist folk-pop out of Portland. His sophomore release, Laptop Campfire Speed, is the sort of album you’d expect from someone who is brilliantly skilled yet mired by late night insomnia. Soft and introspective, the album has the script of a perfectionist and the quietude of the bedroom. Now I have no clue if Mahler lives in a house with others or an apartment complex or whatnot, but I can visualize him tinkering away at the deepest hours of night, recording a bit here, adjusting levels there, painfully pulling out as much volume as possible while simultaneously ensuring the levels were set just low enough as to not wake the roommates/neighbors, and imbibing a strong bit of coffee in between. Read More »Marco Mahler: Laptop Campfire Speed [Album Review]

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