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Hoots And Hellmouth And Your WC Town


Philadelphia’s soulful folk masters Hoots And Hellmouth are set to visit a West Coast town near you this week! The band is on the road in support of their recent LP, The Holy Open Secret, out now on MAD Dragon Records (the same folks that just released Swimmers‘ album). Tonight they hit LA after which they will make their way up the coast to Seattle before heading east. Read More »Hoots And Hellmouth And Your WC Town

The Swimmers: What This World Is Coming To [Video]

The Swimmers

The Swimmers‘ video for “What This World Is Coming To” is a bit of a mind-fuck; in other words, it’s about as whacked out as a Dan Deacon video but without the seizure-inducing color flashes and kaleidoscope imagery. The wild video mixing and cut frames wants to contradict with The Swimmers’ smooth-style of pop/rock, but it doesn’t. Oddly enough, it fits the selectively punchy keyboard riffs, the crazy percussion, and, of course, the hand claps. Always the hand claps. Read More »The Swimmers: What This World Is Coming To [Video]

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