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"Teen Creeps" by No Age playing on KSVR

Fense’s Radio Show: October 26, 2012

I don’t know when the last time vinyl was played on KSVR, but by the state of the record players it may have been quite a while. I dropped by the studio mid day on Friday to make sure the turntables worked properly, then came home and put together a split show. The first half, Halloween-ish songs (even if only in name, some only by their haunting sound) followed by half a show of more dance-y, electronic and remix tracks.

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: October 26, 2012

HEALTH: We Are Water [Track Review]

HEALTH noise

It’s hard to imagine a band like HEALTH being able to progress in any shape or form. After all, their self-titled debut was without a doubt on the cutting edge of avant garde noise. But listening to “We Are Water”, one gets the distinct impression the band has evolved. Their noise is more refined, channeled more precisely. With it, HEALTH has become borderline accessible to a wider audience; and that’s a good thing. Read More »HEALTH: We Are Water [Track Review]

HEALTH: Live At SXSW [Flamingo Cantina, 2008]


First things first: HEALTH is fucking crazy!!! This band can blow your mind, you load and whatever the fuck else it wants to because they are just that insane. These guys contorted their bodies in never before seen positions while thumping microphones into amps for loud bursts, while moaning ecstatically into other microphones, and while keeping both eyes on the drummer to ensure they didn’t miss a cue. Read More »HEALTH: Live At SXSW [Flamingo Cantina, 2008]

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