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The Antlers: Bear [Video]


The only reason Hospice wasn’t in my top 50 of 2009, perhaps, was that I’d only heard experienced two tracks by The Anters‘ quite critically acclaimed album. Those songs were “Bear” and “Two”. Then they visited Daytrotter back in November and I heard a few more. Still, it wasn’t enough to form an overall opinion of the album, of course. The band now gives us a video for “Bear”, and it’s further proof that I really need to get out of this funk in which I’ve been and pick up this record. It’s a little strange and makes you contemplate the meaning behind it, but that’s pretty typical of some of the best music videos around. Read More »The Antlers: Bear [Video]

The Dodos

The Dodos: Visiter [Album Review]

A friend of mine recently pointed out how quickly disposable today’s technology has rendered music. Though this statement appears to be quite obvious in a superficial sense; i.e., gone, for the most part, are the days of unwrapping a new album and listening to it’s contents with entirely fresh ears, excitedly perusing the record’s album art and lyric sheet. It is also true in that, given today’s technology, after a few listens, if a record doesn’t catch one’s ear, one artist is conveniently and quickly replaced by another (or twenty others). As a young teenager, I purchased a number of deplorable records (ahhemmm, I’m looking at you, Stone Temple Pilots), and, no matter how bad they were, I repeatedly listened to them, desperate to hear some melodic nuance, some clever lyrical phrasing… shit, something that made me feel like I had not just blown fifteen hard earned dollars.

Read More »The Dodos: Visiter [Album Review]
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