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Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 Part 1

The Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 | Part 1

Today I’m looking back 20 years and counting down my top 20 albums of 2003. In this first part, I’ll be looking at 20 down to 11. As we reach the 20th anniversary of the albums released in 2003, it’s hard not to look back on this particular year as a crucial moment in indie rock history. For me, cemented in my Junior and Senior year of college, I dove deeper into my obsession with music and expanded my horizons even deeper into indie rock.

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Post Rock Radio Night on KSVR

Post Rock Night on KSVR

Post Rock Radio Night on KSVR

A few weeks ago, I decided to do a post-rock night on KSVR, deviating from my typical Friday playlist of current garage-pop and psych-pop. I have a hankering like this every so often: tonight’s show, in fact, I have dubbed as “Out West” and it’ll feature predominantly countrified indie folk-rock. What ensued was a set of only ten songs, played over two hours on air — a show that was likely the first ever of its sort in the Skagit Valley. Read More »Post Rock Night on KSVR

A Dark God Heart by Sleep Party People

15 Must-See Indie Music Videos of 2012

Music videos can be total sensory overload. Not only do you get great audio from bands that have often spent insurmountable time mastering a song they have created, adding to them videos can open a similar avenue with interesting visual storylines and themes. Some have plots, some have twists, and some have neither; others are funny or thought-provoking; all within this list are great in their own right. Check out 15 of my favorite (in no particular order, other than the order they were added to the list) indie music videos of 2012… so far… and let me know what your favorite is, whether it’s on the list or not.

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FensePost Podcast #5: Soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse


About six months ago, I became completely obsessed with zombies films, mostly due to the brilliance behind Robert Kirkman‘s The Walking Dead books and the airing of the series on AMC. As Season 1 comes out on DVD and BluRay today, I figured the time was right to post this. So I buckled down and finished my zombie soundtrack podcast, filled with songs I felt perfect for a zombie film. Be assured: this will not be your typical zombie mix. Read More »FensePost Podcast #5: Soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse

FensePost: the Best Albums of 2003

A Retrospective Top 20: Best Albums Of 2003

The summer of 2003 was a hot one in eastern Washington, and my concrete bunker of an apartment contained the heat like no other. Granted, the image below wasn’t shot by yours truly until 2004, but it sure seemed hot enough to ignite even the least combustible of items. I wrapped up my undergraduate that December, which was cold as Antarctica, and upon that milestone I moved to Seattle. It was a good year for the Northwest; many of my favorite albums came from Seattle labels like Sub Pop and Barsuk. As for the list, I’ve expanded it to 20. Couldn’t help it.

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FensePost Best of 2001

A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2001

The second installment of A Retrospective, in which I recap my favorite albums released from 2000 to 2008, this time: 2001. Wrought with turmoil and watching a life fall apart as so many others were having similar experiences but in a different manner; that was 2001 for you. The year I turned 21. A year that lives in infamy. Young or old, we all seemed to grow up that year. Music, too seemed to progress in ways unthought, even before that fateful day.

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