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Cock And Swan: Unrecognize [Album Review]

Cock And Swan

One of my favorite parts about FensePost is being able to follow the journey a band takes over time. It’s been a few years since Cock And Swan debuted with Noon Hum, and their progression from that album to Unrecognize, out this week on their own Dandelion Gold label, has been tremendous. Noon Hum was an absolute delight, and looking back it’s easy to recognize that it certainly yielded great things. Where Cock And Swan have changed most is not necessarily in their abilities (which have come along nicely over the past few years) but rather in the confidence of multi-instrumentalist Johnny Goss and his keyboard-wielding cohort Ola Hungerford. Read More »Cock And Swan: Unrecognize [Album Review]

Cock And Swan: Mashmallow Sunset

Cock And Swan

As we move through time, our bodies mature. In most cases, so do the capabilities our minds possess; we are able to piece together more and more complex puzzles, complete more difficult challenges and tasks that we or others require, and reach, hoping to accomplish, all those goals that once seemed so unfathomably far away. Within our minds, we are capable of progressing. Ideally, such a concept should also relate to music: the instrument holder advances in their ability to perform as well as construct. While this is not always the case, it is with Marshmallow Sunset, the sophomore release by Cock And Swan via their personal DIY label Dandelion Gold. Read More »Cock And Swan: Mashmallow Sunset

Cock And Swan: Noon Hum EP [Album Review]

Cock And Swan by Angel Ceballos

I listen to at least ten new albums each week. With that amount of exposure, it can be difficult to discern one artist from another, the next album from the last. Despite such audible clutter, I review little electronic music. Here’s an exception. Cock and Swan are Johnny and Ola. They record in Bothell, Washington—just north of Seattle. They liken themselves to Mum, Boards of Canada, and Dntel. They just finished recording their first album, Noon Hum EP, and will release it on their own startup label titled Dandelion Gold. Read More »Cock And Swan: Noon Hum EP [Album Review]

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