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Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 Part 1

The Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 | Part 1

Today I’m looking back 20 years and counting down my top 20 albums of 2003. In this first part, I’ll be looking at 20 down to 11. As we reach the 20th anniversary of the albums released in 2003, it’s hard not to look back on this particular year as a crucial moment in indie rock history. For me, cemented in my Junior and Senior year of college, I dove deeper into my obsession with music and expanded my horizons even deeper into indie rock.

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Chromatics: Nite [12″ Single Review]


After moving to Seattle in December 2003, I started frequenting Easy Street and Sonic Boom Records. I’d spend hours looking through old records, listening to bands I’d never heard of, and carrying around large stacks of soon-to-be-purchased (or put back) merchandise. On occasion I would pick up something cold, having never listened to the album, just because the cover looked intriguing or the price was pleasing. Chromatics‘ Plaster Hounds was one of these grabs and came on purple swirl vinyl for a mere $6.49. I immediately fell in love with “Garden.” Read More »Chromatics: Nite [12″ Single Review]

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