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Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie rock band that has been creating music since 1999. The band acts as a bit of a collective, with the number of members varying drastically from half-a-dozen to nearly 20. Current and past members (and/or collaborators) have included Feist, Emily Haines, and members of Stars.

The band has released five studio LPs over the course of a quarter century, including the acclaimed You Forgot it in People.

Below, you’ll find a complete collection of album reviews, song reviews, features, music videos, lists, and more covered on FensePost that include Broken Social Scene.

Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 Part 2

The Top 20 Albums Turning 20 in 2023 | Part 2

Today, I’m continuing on my path of counting down the top 20 albums turning 20 in 2023. For the first ten on the list, visit Part 1 where I cover 20 to 11. Today, I’ll be focusing on the top 10. As always, this list is a roundup of my personal selections, so there’s a definite subjective nature to it, but I also tried to inject at least some objectivity into it. Compiling this list has been filled with nostalgic memories of my college days.

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A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2002

The third installment of A Retrospective, this time the focus is on 2002. The year of rebuilding, so to speak. It was the year I discovered Cider Jack (and did so plentifully) at the local Pullman bar Rico’s, and we all would rehearse Bill Brasky skits (from the SNL spots, and made up on the spot) as twenty feet away the university jazz combo performed excellent renditions of Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and various Motown favorites. As we see every year, 2002 saw several real great releases. Here are my favorites.

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