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Bourgeois Heroes: Olé/Hola [Single Review]

It’s been a while since we covered Bourgeois Heroes, a little indie pop duo out of Northampton, MA (Jason) and Austin, TX (Elise). Who communicate over that long distance to create the music contained within their releases. At the time, I likened the duo to melodramatic 80s bands like Echo & The Bunnymen. On their latest single, Olé/Hola, the band slips away from those earlier sounds and holds its ground steady in indie pop. In fact, here they side more with modern underground indie pop artists like Afternoon Naps. Read More »Bourgeois Heroes: Olé/Hola [Single Review]

Bourgeois Heroes [Feature]

Bourgeois Heroes

The deep, mystical vocals of Bourgeois Heroes would fit in very well next to a band like The Church or Echo & The Bunnymen or another similar melodramatic 80s group. While the Heroes hint occasionally at that sound on their release Musical Postcards, it also possesses the instrumentation of modern pop bands like Belle & Sebastian. And you can hear select other influences, as wide-ranging as The Pastels and The Zombies. Read More »Bourgeois Heroes [Feature]

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