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25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos


Creating a music video, in my opinion, should be about creating art. There are so many intricate elements that should go into a video that are so often left forgotten or, at least, unattended. First and foremost is the song itself — a video must compliment the art to which it is expanding from audio to video. Connecting the two is extremely important. Second is theme. The best videos have some storyline, vague or distinct. Or at least something visually interesting. Read More »25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos

The Black Keys: Tighten Up [Video]


The girlfriend and I have been pretty adamant about keeping HBO, although Comcast charges out the ass for anything and everything. There are a few reasons for this, in her opinion (and a few extra in mine). It all has to do with their original programming — shows like True Blood, Bored to Death, the forthcoming Boardwalk Empire, and recent favorite Hung. Last week’s episode closed out with a bluesy, garage rendition of R&B, and I simply had to know who it was. Of course, it was The Black Keys with their song “Tighten Up”. Read More »The Black Keys: Tighten Up [Video]

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