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13 Bands You Should See At Sasquatch 2010


The 2010 Sasquatch Festival line-up was announced last week and after perusing the list a few times, I started to hone in on who the hot bands will (or, better yet, should) be. Now, festivals for me are all about camping out at a stage for several bands before moving on to another, but I figured I’d throw that trend to the wind for this post. My second disclaimer; before you point out that I’m recommending the small folk, understand that I also tend to shun the big guns — those artists it seems like EVERYONE will be seeing. Read More »13 Bands You Should See At Sasquatch 2010

Avi Buffalo Signs to Sub Pop


Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is a name I cannot easily pronounce, so I’m glad this young songwriter from Long Beach has chosen to go by the moniker Avi Buffalo. The 18-year-old Avigdor has made music under this guise for three years and with a few shows under the belt, expanded the project to a full-on group. With Aaron Embry at the production wheel, Avi Buffalo began recording their first record. More stuf happened… you know, this and that… and then Sub Pop came into the picture. For realsies. Read More »Avi Buffalo Signs to Sub Pop

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