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Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum)

Mount Eerie: Pre-Human Ideas

Phil Elverum’s penchant for the unconventional has always been a recognizable trait of his work. I would argue that all his work under the Mount Eerie moniker is unconventional; there are, however, times where it stands out even more. His latest release, a forthcoming one titled Pre-Human Ideas out on his P.W. Elverum and Sun imprint November 12, is one of those times.

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The Unknown in Anacortes

Coming Soon: The Anacortes Unknown Music Series #2

The Unknown in Anacortes

I must admit, I was quite sad to hear that What The Heck Fest, an über indie music festival in Anacortes, WA, was coming to an end after ten years. While I had only attended a few, I caught a many great acts at the event, including The Hive Dwellers and Stephen Steinbrink. Good news: The Anacortes Unknown Music Series is gearing up to take its place. Read More »Coming Soon: The Anacortes Unknown Music Series #2

Mount Eerie Woods

Mount Eerie: Live at The Heart of Anacortes

Secretly, I was hoping Mount Eerie would play “Lost Wisdom” of their 2009 album Wind’s Poem. But given the release of two stellar new albums, Clear Moon a short few months ago and then Ocean Roar just last week, I knew the chances were slim. Besides, within the two new releases are plenty of new greats to look forward to. I was lucky enough to catch Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind Mount Eerie (formerly known as Microphones) perform at The Heart of Anacortes last weekend.

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Motorbikes - Anacortes Band

Motorbikes (Feature)

Motorbikes - Anacortes Band

Little can be found online about Anacortes band Motorbikes, despite recordings dating back to 2007. It could be the commonality of the search term, or maybe a purposeful push for obscurity. I think it’s the latter. Hitting The Business in Anacortes last weekend, I grabbed a copy of the store’s Record Store exclusive, a nondescript CD-R by the band. Read More »Motorbikes (Feature)

Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie: House Shape

I always get excited when I hear something new from Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind post-Microphones project Mount Eerie. He’s local to me; Anacortes is just a quick 20 to 30 minute drive from my house. And for being local to a somewhat rural area, he’s built an empire of great recordings. He is, to put it frankly, a local indie legend.

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What The Heck Fest! 2011 Edition!


In the photo above you can see Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie, Microphones, D+), Calvin Johnson (The Cave Dwellers, The Halo Benders, K Records), and Karl Blau (Karl Blau, D+). So yes, it is that time of year again. The sun is out (for once) in Western Washington and all the unique individuals in Anacortes come out of their hiding places (and their friends come up from Olympia) for the annual What The Heck Fest! I went last year (hence the above photo) and things went down like this: watched some bands in a park, ate a sandwich in town, watched more bands, slept some, took a walk to Whistle Lake with some friends, watched more bands, drank some beers.

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Karl Blau: Golden Chariot [Single Review]


Karl Blau is a bit of a mad genius, like many of the folks creating music in Anacortes and it’s bigger brother Olympia. The music is grounded in genre influences like pop and folk, but it’s also a bit out there. It always has been. And you know, with artists as unique as Blau, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Golden Chariot is Blau’s latest offering and it comes in the form of a Dub Narcotic Disco Plate courtesy K Records, who will also release it as a 12″ EP. Read More »Karl Blau: Golden Chariot [Single Review]

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