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Arrested Development

Fense’s Radio Show: May 17, 2013

The past week saw several notable artists — many ranking among my favorites — release new tracks. Camera Obscura distributed a new track off their forthcoming album Desire Lines, Typhoon gave us a stellar digital single, and we heard a new track off the upcoming album from The Moondoggies. On top of that, I continued the show with recent tracks off new or just released records including those by Scout Niblett, The Mantles, Phosphorescent and Club 8.

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Akron/Family [Show Preview]


Any time the words “community” or “family” to a band moniker, one gets the distinct impression that the group is an ever morphing being, consistently and regularly adding people. On one end, a keyword is variation — a live performance could feature a band leader solo or with a few select members. On the other is quantity, noting an expansive collective of individuals. And so it is with Akron/Family; the core of the band is a trio and may, at any time, feature them alone or include a dozen additional guest musicians. Read More »Akron/Family [Show Preview]

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