Live Reviews

Sea Wolf: Seattle, WA [2010.02.06]

All photos copyright Sara Montour. Words by Fense. Gosh, was it really as far back as 2007 that Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low was released? That time seems so long ago, and a lifetime of experiences have occurred since then. I recall being taken aback upon first hearing “You’re A Wolf”.… Continue reading Sea Wolf: Seattle, WA [2010.02.06]

Song Reviews

Sea Wolf: Stanislaus [Track Review]

Sea Wolf returns after a few years with a new album, White Water, White Bloom. “Stanislaus” comes from that album; more specifically, it comes as a bonus track on the vinyl version of the album. On “Stanislaus”, Sea Wolf continues their pop-heavy Americana-style folk. The song is impressive for a bonus track — such songs… Continue reading Sea Wolf: Stanislaus [Track Review]