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Andy Fenstermaker

Andy Fenstermaker is a music lover, writer, marketing professional, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for music with others. He is the founder of FensePost, a renowned music blog that has been sharing the latest and greatest in indie music since 2006. Andy has always been fascinated by the power of music to connect people, and he started FensePost with the aim of sharing his love of music with others. Andy developed a passion for music at a young age. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Andy grew up surrounded by a vibrant music scene that left an indelible mark on him. He attended Washington State University, where he studied Communication and Business. He holds a BA in Communication and a Masters in Business Administration.  After graduating, Andy started writing about music and created FensePost as the outlet. The blog has a strong focus on indie music, but also covers a range of other genres including folk, indie pop, psychedelic, garage rock, and experimental.  Andy and the blog relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in 2020.

Throw Me The Statue: Yucatan Gold [Video]

Throw Me The Statue

Written by Fense

There’s something profound about a nude album cover. I guess this isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking statement, but it catches the eye. You’re seeing something you’re not supposed to, and that’s naughty and exciting and… yeah, maybe a little weird. To be honest, I like nude covers. And I don’t mean that in a creepy sexual way. Read More »Throw Me The Statue: Yucatan Gold [Video]

The Radio Dept: Freddie And The Trojan Horse [Album Review]

The Radio Dept.

Written by Fense

With this new EP, dubbed after the opening track “Freddie And The Trojan Horse”, The Radio Dept. find themselves morphing into an even darker beast than was once thought possible. In the title track, this is emphasized through electro-new-wave-y melancholy vocals and percussive beats, as well as the dark sound that encompasses the keys. Read More »The Radio Dept: Freddie And The Trojan Horse [Album Review]

Burn To Shine 5: Seattle, WA [Film Review]

Tiny Vipers from Burn To Shine 5

Burn To Shine has an interesting manifesto. The people who put these films together gather local bands for one day of recording in a building that is going to be destroyed. For Seattle, recorded January 27, 2007, they chose an ancient house and fourteen of Seattle’s greatest bands, including power names like Ben Gibbard, Eddie Vedder and Minus The Bear. Read More »Burn To Shine 5: Seattle, WA [Film Review]

Pomegranates: Whom/Who [Video]


Written by Fense

I often say that Sweden puts out the best indie pop music in the world, but when it comes to the U.S. of A, Ohio reigns supreme. Pomegranates hail from Cincinnati and are one of my favorite new bands of 2008. Their LP Everything Is Alive has remained at the top of my weekly playlist for some time now and, with each additional listen, I come to love the music even more. Read More »Pomegranates: Whom/Who [Video]

The Sweetheart Parade: Sings Like A Priest [Album Review]

The Sweetheart Parade

Written by Fense

Sings Like A Priest, the latest from The Sweetheart Parade (MySpace), again sets the stage for a Jason Molina (Songs: Ohio, The Magnolia Electric Co.) reference. Simply put, Joshua Britton’s (or JB) voice sounds mighty like that of Molina; they’re entrenched in a deep emotive folk minimalism. It’s not surprising, however, that JB’s voice has a bit more power — the difference is definitely in volume. Read More »The Sweetheart Parade: Sings Like A Priest [Album Review]

Past Lives: Strange Symmetry [Album Review]

Past Lives by Rustee Pace

Written by Fense

The wake of The Blood Brothers demise has actually led to several viable new projects from former members. This list includes Jaguar Love, who released their first LP on Matador earlier this year, and Past Lives (MySpace). Strange Symmetry is the debut EP by the latter, currently out in digital form and slated for physical format release in the next month or so. Read More »Past Lives: Strange Symmetry [Album Review]

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