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Renny Wilson’s Smooth Sax-Pop Hits the Pacific Northwest

Renny Wilson
Renny Wilson

What can one say about Edmonton artist Renny Wilson‘s Sugarglider that hasn’t already been said in the past month or two? A highlight, from VICE (WARNING: Link language NSFW): “Despite his somewhat dorky looks, I have a feeling Renny could get a girl wetter than Prince can.” Well, VICE, one listen to the occasionally falsetto vocals, that cool bass-line swagger, and that smooth saxophone in opening track “By and By” will tell you that. Nicely said.

The FADER counters with something a bit more appropriate and descriptive:

It’s lush and pretty, and more importantly: soft. Not in a bad way, though. It’s more that it feels blurred at the edges, existing in a constant half-sleep state of near bliss.

Wilson’s songs are all like this, too. And they meld together in a near-constant, relaxing manner that blends psychedelic pop with 80s-influenced synth-pop, electronic and digital with funky dance-pop. It begins subtly with a soft saxophone that crescendoes into the sax-meets-sexy-beat of opener “By And By” (listen below), backed by Wilson’s sensual, dreamy vocals. This song sets the tone for Sugarglider.

Cool, sexy saxophone-laden pop music. (Yeah, this is the kind of music I envisioned making as a youthful pre-teen to woo the ladies back in the early 90s when I first picked up the instrument… that never happened.) At its core, in my mind, it would seem that what Renny Wilson has achieved with Sugarglider is the epitome of what Ron Swanson’s alter-ego Duke Silver should have created.

Listen to “Nobody” and you’ll understand.

Sugarglider is out now on Mint Records. Renny Wilson will be hitting the Northwest – including Bellingham – in April and early May. Check below for the tour dates:

04.22.13: Victoria, BC @ The Copper Owl
04.23.13: Vancouver, BC @ The Biltmore
04.25.13: Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
04.27.13: Portland, OR @ The Doug Fir
04.30.13: Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
05.01.13: Bellingham, WA @ Cabin Tavern
05.19.13: Edmonton, AB @ Wunderbar

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