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Jesse Payne: Take Me MP3

It’s all coming back completely full circle.  Folk music proves itself time and time again to be one of the truest influences in the musical world.  A touch of Americana blended with a grave sense of indie rock realism rarely turns out badly.  And in the case of Jesse Payne‘s latest album Buffalo and it’s kick off single “Take Me”, we might have possibly found the closest thing to perfection. With a sound that is just a little bit country, and a little bit folk n’ roll, Payne is a truly entertaining artist that is definitely not one to be overlooked when it comes to American splendor.

Buffalo kicks off almost as you would instantly expect. “Take Me” has a stripped-down blues and back-country folk sound that solemnly introduces splendidly saddened vocals that instantly let you know that this will be a song about a little bit of pain.  Which we all have to admit is something we long for in folk and indie rock alike.  

This track is an obvious college radio and coffee shop favorite to be. It is mellow, understanding, and contains a copious amount of simplistic fortitude that is both awe-inspiring and entirely relevant to the struggles of the modern man. A real pleasure for both thrill and despair seekers alike.

Buffalo was released October 4.

Download: “Take Me” by Jesse Payne
[audio:111004-jesse-payne-take-me.mp3|titles=Take Me|artists=Jesse Payne]

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