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Laguna [Feature]


There are some really great underground pop labels that span the world, many specializing in an obscure spin-off of some form of indie pop, be it lo-fi to electronic. Laguna’s music reminds me these labels exist. And, oddly enough, their music reminds me of Siete Records. I’ve got a few LPs from the label and their music ranges from lo-fi to jangle to electronic. But, however you look at, the label releases off-beat, blatantly European sounding indie pop. Laguna creates that style of music, with ridiculous, playful pop hooks and electro-indie-pop accompaniment to dance-y female vocals courtesy Lydia Nor that mix electronic with ambient, art-pop, and hints of jazz.

No, you don’t hear music like this often these days. It’s unique and a bit refreshing. Their new album is called Volcano, and it’s opening track “Falling” highlights all these points. But, perhaps, what stands out most is the percussion of Shane Peck, who you’ll also find in Seattle band Poland. It stands out, yet holds things together.

Volcano was released over the summer and you can pick it up over at Laguna’s website.

Download: “Falling” by Laguna

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