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Transient Songs: Cave Syndrome [Album Review]


Are you tired of your father’s versions of psychedelic rock? It can be granted that the 70’s were the age for some of the finest LSD-related music and mishaps history will ever know. But, surely it becomes tiresome to constantly hear about Rush’s supposed futuristic nonsense, or Roger Water’s boring obsession with the sky, and not having anything of your own time for a real comparison. Well, degenerate hipsters and demon-friendly youth-mongers, you are in luck. Introducing: John Frum a.k.a. Transient Songs. Stick it to your old man you gentle monsters!

The dark flames of Frum’s appealing fury is evident and enlightening throughout Transient Songs’ album Cave Syndrome, which serves as a powerful demonstration of spaced-out rock and roll that is reminiscent of old times, yet strikingly fresh. Not every track is entirely complicated though. Take “Smoking Slows the Healing”, which has a well-blended nuance that pushes the envelope once sealed by Feral Children. But the notable spiraling essence of John’s eccentricity is at its most vulnerable with “Astoria”. And for the borderline hardcore fan in all of us, “Sin Through The Summer” is a delightful offshoot from the estranged.

Cave Syndrome is an album you can’t hear just once. It might require a few long drives in the summer sun or a quiet hiding spot beneath the winter moon to fully comprehend the excursion into the bizarre that Frum is desperately and accurately trying to convey. And if that midnight conversation with dear old Dad over a few PBR’s only leads him to despise your “new crap” called music, it’s probably safe to say that he would have loved them 35 years ago. Sadly enough, defiance can disappear with age and responsibility. But, quality spin-drifting rock and roll like this well never die.

Download: “In This Darkness Light Seeps Through” by Transient Songs
[audio:100818-transient-songs-in-this-darkness-light-seeps-through.mp3|titles=In This Darkness Light Seeps Through]

Download: “Smoking Slows The Healing” by Transient Songs
[audio:100818-transient-songs-smoking-slows-the-healing.mp3|titles=Smoking Slows The Healing|artists=Transient Songs]


[CD, 2010]

1. In This Darkness Light Seeps Through
2. Smoking Slows the Healing
3. Greenwood Backyards
4. The Cancer in our Bloodelines
5. Wide Open Skies
6. Sin through the Summer
7. Lungs & Livers
8. Astoria
9. A Burrow Patch
10. Cave Syndrome

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