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Animal Collective: Brother Sport [Video]


I recently stated an opinion, that being that I felt Animal Collective was becoming a bit more accessible. True to an artist like Animal Collective, you never really know what to expect. That is absolutely the case with their new “Brother Sport” video, which throws in all the bizarre elements you’d expect from the early Animal Collective while putting it to one of their top tunes off Merriweather Post Pavilion.

“Brother Sport” goes from bizarre to trippy to borderline disturbing. Mix media and the feature of children and cartoon monster-like creatures give the video a somewhat Where The Wild Things Are appearance but, courtesy Animal Collectives signature sound, it’s filtered through a haze of acid. Trippy, yes, but my favorite part is the final moments where the dog enters the room in which the children were playing. All that’s left is two eggs and dinner is served. Excellent.

As to whether this band is becoming more accessible is questionable. Only they know the answer. But new and old fans alike will gladly follow them whichever direction they go. I am happy to say that I am among those fans.

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