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Archeology [Feature]

Archeology the band

There’s an inside joke in our office: Matt, the thin, goatee-d 90s grunger is good at designing cute things. So, naturally, in all his seemingly unkempt Cobain-esque demeanor, it becomes funny. (There’s also one about me and my George Costanza moment, washing the office dishes in my undershirt so I wouldn’t soil my dress shirt the night of our office party.) Like the opposing traits that humor our office, a similar effect can be found in Archeology.

Archeology’s style of indie pop is definitely not the norm. At best, they’re on the outskirts, dabbling slightly in the realm of twee, but slightly more produced. After only a few moments, one can hear Archeology’s cute side. These two young gentlemen look more like your standard hype duo rather than your standard twee-loving male pair. A few of the tunes even reminded me of Tri-Cities’ couple The Seaworthies.

This band shows promise, much in the way I saw promise in Ivy League (these days they go by This Is Ivy League, minus the italic emphasis on the first two words) all the way back in 2006. Now, these guys aren’t going to break out into the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow into a successful band. Songs like “Knots” and “Lovejoy” and “Westerly” all have consistent beats, catchy vocals, and light, fluffy instrumentation.

Those three tunes are off the two’s EP, Change Of Address.

Archeology: Knots [mp3]

Archeology: Laurelwood [mp3]

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  1. Please check out a facebook for the band SoulWell or specifically Garrett Howell. He is Matt’s twin. No joke, the resemblance is uncanny…..I promise it is worth your time and effort.

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