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Fense’s Radio Show: May 25, 2012

Last weekend I did something a bit taboo. No, nothing that bad. What I did was this: I took my email inbox, and I cleared it. I archived everything — over 15,000 unread messages. It had just gotten a bit too out of control. Then, this week, I checked ALL my emails, filtered out what… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: May 25, 2012


White Birds: Hondora (Video)

Soaked in reverb, White Birds‘ dreamy psychedelic beach pop tune “Hondora” is just what I need. It hints of a day brighter than today; fog sits low outside my house and there’s the stench of a standard Northwest rain in the air. “Hondora” has a sunny disposition that is calming and relaxing, and there is… Continue reading White Birds: Hondora (Video)