Callers: How To Hold Your Arms [Video]

Callers met in New Orleans before ultimately relocating to Brooklyn. This isn’t necessarily important in their creation of music, merely a statement of historical fact. Well, that’s not entirely true. When I think of New Orleans, I think of a place somehow lost post Katrina and struggling to renew their culture. But it’s different; things… Continue reading Callers: How To Hold Your Arms [Video]

Song Reviews

J. Tillman: Three Sisters [mp3]

J. Tillman has always created a very minimalist style of folk, and this sound once again dominates his new track “Three Sisters”, from his upcoming Singing Ax release. With minimalism, there’s a fine balance between the risk of being bland and sans any melody, and creating something astonishingly brilliant. Tillman knows this line well, and… Continue reading J. Tillman: Three Sisters [mp3]

Album Reviews

Slow Six: Tomorrow Becomes You [Album Review]

Music is often experiential, but none is more so than that which embodies the hypnotic. Drone, shoegaze, post rock – they all often tell stories through notes rather than words, and with Tomorrow Becomes You Slow Six does just that. The band combines classical music with rock in a way unlike contemporaries such as Godspeed… Continue reading Slow Six: Tomorrow Becomes You [Album Review]

Song Reviews

Sleep Whale: Cotton Curls [mp3]

Experimental electronic folk never sounded so dreamy. “Cotton Curls” by Sleep Whale has soft, pleasant melodies supported by a heavy percussive tromp. Fronted by mysterious, psychedelic, cooing vocals, the song splits reality with the dream-life. It’s like an Animal Collective track without all the bells and whistles; just peaceful and colorful. It’s evocative of a… Continue reading Sleep Whale: Cotton Curls [mp3]