On the Radio

Fense’s Radio Show: February 17, 2012

I fixed my tail light. It was a simple matter of checking the fuses, noting that the 8A fuse was blown, and swapping it out. Still having issues with the front indicator and running light, but thanks to the good folk at BMW 2002 FAQ, I should have it figured out in the near future.… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: February 17, 2012

Album Reviews

Webelos: Volume 1 [Album Review]

Observing the DIY packaging Volume One is comfortably stored in, one has the distinct thought that Webelos may be an acoustic folk project, and not necessarily the experimental indie pop band that it is. The opening tune, “Another Nature Study” is an instrumental folk-pop tune featuring a prominent snare/cymbal mix and soft organ melodies. Hell,… Continue reading Webelos: Volume 1 [Album Review]