Song Reviews

Grizzly Bear: Will Calls (MP3 Review)

Grizzly Bear is one of those bands that continues to surprise. Look back at their early work, and there are some truly stunning tracks; it’s what propelled them into early indie fame. Enter 2012 and their track “Sleeping Ute” off Shields. The band hadn’t created something quite this catchy before, and paired with the other… Continue reading Grizzly Bear: Will Calls (MP3 Review)


Battles: Ice Cream [NSFW Video]

Here comes summer. You can tell as color is returning to the landscape. Perfect timing for Battles to release a video for “Ice Cream”, a song off their forthcoming LP, Gloss Drop. Now a trio, the band enlisted several guest vocalists for the new record, and “Ice Cream” features none other than DJ Matias Aguayo… Continue reading Battles: Ice Cream [NSFW Video]


Born Ruffians: What To Say [Video]

Born Ruffians could have easily lost their way and became some sort of Prince cover band at a Reno-based casino. Instead, they have taken the little known R&B influenced rock and roll idea and turn it into something insanely original and extremely entertaining. “What To Say” is that song you will want to hear over… Continue reading Born Ruffians: What To Say [Video]