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War Tapes: The Continental Divide [Album Review]

Yes, War Tapes sound a bit like The Killers. Yes, they seem to be an 80’s influenced bunch of glam rockers. But, look past your pretentious preconceptions for one moment. Then just listen. These guys rock. And they rock steady. The Continental Divide is an album of pure POWER, as well as grace. If you… Continue reading War Tapes: The Continental Divide [Album Review]


War Tapes [Feature Band]

Written by Fense Woah. Where the hell did Sarathan Records come from!? One moment I’m hanging out, minding my own damn business and dreaming of great rock bands and the next moment they’re signing them! First to catch my attention was Seattle’s very own Feral Children, giving SXSeattle one hell of a great performance at… Continue reading War Tapes [Feature Band]