The Zookeepers: Darling [Video]

I’m usually opposed to covering videos which simply show the band performing their song unless there’s something unique about the performance — say, like a special live version or video session. Initially I thought “Darling” by The Zookeepers would be the former; after all, it’s the band performing their song… sort of. But not really.… Continue reading The Zookeepers: Darling [Video]

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Fense’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2008

Written by Fense So I don’t really drink champagne, but I’ll enjoy me a thick stout or juicy lager any day. And dry red wine tends to go down a bit smoother than it should. So, as I pop open a bottle of Chilean Carménère, I am ready to compile my top ten music videos… Continue reading Fense’s Top Ten Music Videos of 2008


Joy Division [Film Review]

Written by bob_vinyl This documentary was clearly released in tandem with Control and, while that was surely a good move commercially, it makes it difficult to get as involved in this versus Anton Corbijn’s brilliant dramatization. Of course, the two aren’t quite the same, Control being the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division the… Continue reading Joy Division [Film Review]