Vetiver: Everyday [Video]

At this moment, I am watching a VH1 marathon of 100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s. Watching some of the videos, then seeing “Everyday” by Vetiver, I see a lot of similarities. Check out the clothes, the hair styles, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (On second thought, it’s more late 80s/early 90s.) Still,… Continue reading Vetiver: Everyday [Video]

Album Reviews

Vetiver: Tight Knit [Album Review]

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really care for Vetiver (MySpace) the first time I heard them; at least I thought I didn’t. At the time, they just seemed the standard folk-rock-pop artist blend, fronted by generic vocals. But Tight Knit is none of that. And after listening to it a few times, realization dawned… Continue reading Vetiver: Tight Knit [Album Review]