We Found A Lovebird [Feature]

I love this: We Found A Lovebird is named after an announcement they found posted somewhere on a waterfront promenade. That alone should spark some interest. The music itself fits the somewhat contemporary folk-pop genre. The sound is mature, but it’s also fun. “0 Avenue Park” kicks off their debut EP, which was recorded live… Continue reading We Found A Lovebird [Feature]

Song Reviews

Yukon Blonde: Wind Blows [mp3]

After the stunning success of Fleet Foxes’ debut self-titled LP in 2008, it became apparent that there would inevitably be artists that steal away portions of their so very classic sound. To be honest, I haven’t really seen them. That is, until Yukon Blonde. Now, don’t immediately label these folks as mere spinoffs. “Wind Blows”… Continue reading Yukon Blonde: Wind Blows [mp3]


Bend Sinister Gives Away 10 Free Tracks!

In the new age of digital downloading and iTunes supremacy, many artists are turning to giving tracks away as a way to get their name out and about. Maybe it’s effort to get you to come out to your local pub, farmer’s market, or Tully’s to watch them give you the magic live and in… Continue reading Bend Sinister Gives Away 10 Free Tracks!