Wilsen: Anahita (Studio Diary Video)

Throughout “Anahita”, I kept expecting a monstrous climax — a growing, building, explosion that would refuse to subside. But Wilsen refrained, for the most part. A partial climax occurs around minute four, but after subsiding a minute later the band continues on for another two. It is not overwhelming, nor does it provide resolution.

Song Reviews

Jonquil: Fighting Smiles [mp3]

I drove down to Seattle about mid-month in January, and in typical form my iPod was on shuffle. I had tossed a bunch of albums on it from my FensePost file, and was looking forward to some new tunes. One band in particular popped up a few times, with interesting synths, clean guitar licks and… Continue reading Jonquil: Fighting Smiles [mp3]


Anja McCloskey [Feautre]

What is that glimmering light reflecting off the empty RC Cola can on my window sill? The sun is not shining, but everything seems so bright. That’s when I realized that is was a spirit from an estranged universe shining in and talking to me through my iTunes, its Anja McCloskey singing “Instigate It”. And… Continue reading Anja McCloskey [Feautre]

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Peggy Sue: Fossils and Other Phantoms [Album Review]

There aren’t many things as enticing as dueling female folk vocals. It’s a form of expression that invokes a sort of spirit that lies in the lowest depths of the canals of history. Storytelling has always been an important aspect of our lives, whether we choose to define it as so simply or not. And… Continue reading Peggy Sue: Fossils and Other Phantoms [Album Review]

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Falling Trees: Youth Club Disco EP [Album Review]

Oh those classy Brits! Their sensational love for pop music is absolutely understandable and with precedent. Especially when they have such an elusive underground filled with a massive amount of genius characters. Andy Botterill is definitely one of these wonderful characters. Paul Stolworthy and Andy Padfield are pretty nice as well. Together they make a… Continue reading Falling Trees: Youth Club Disco EP [Album Review]


Allo Darlin’: The Polaroid Song [Video]

Allo Darlin’ is a fairly new band, which is somewhat hard to believe after hearing “The Polaroid Song”. It has the sound of early 90s twee pop artists like, well, Talulah Gosh and Heavenly and Tender Trap. This is no surprise when you learn that they share a member (Elizabeth) with Amelia Fletcher’s Tender Trap.… Continue reading Allo Darlin’: The Polaroid Song [Video]

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Spraydog: Karate Summer Camp [Album Review]

In fashion we are edging back to the early nineties. The spawn of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was recently photographed in a flannel shirt. Seattle groups are beginning to look like tailored lumberjacks with their button down, tight fit flannels and lengthy beards. And music is beginning to look to the early days of… Continue reading Spraydog: Karate Summer Camp [Album Review]

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Treecreeper: November 23 [mp3]

Sometimes music just sounds better while lying on the floor. To lay in surrender of a song is powerful; in such moments we feel no need to move, the music moves for us. Such is the experience while listening to Treecreeper’s “November 23”. Lengthy tracks are hard to do well and though this one lends… Continue reading Treecreeper: November 23 [mp3]