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Fense’s Radio Show: May 17, 2013

The past week saw several notable artists — many ranking among my favorites — release new tracks. Camera Obscura distributed a new track off their forthcoming album Desire Lines, Typhoon gave us a stellar digital single, and we heard a new track off the upcoming album from The Moondoggies. On top of that, I continued… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: May 17, 2013

Song Reviews

Typhoon: Dreams of Cannibalism (mp3)

To accompany the official announcement of their forthcoming LP, White Lighter, Portland’s critically acclaimed Typhoon has released a new digital single for their track “Dreams of Cannibalism”. The new album will be released August 20 on Roll Call Records. Longtime fans of Typhoon will be pleased; “Dreams of Cannibalism” follows the band’s penchant for changing… Continue reading Typhoon: Dreams of Cannibalism (mp3)

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The Best LPs of 2012 Countdown: 10 to 1

Finally, I present to you my top 10 records of 2012. Once again, we begin with a pair of honorary mentions — the recent single that’s leading into my most anticipated album of 2013, and an album I know would have made the top 50 had I checked it out in advance of compiling and… Continue reading The Best LPs of 2012 Countdown: 10 to 1

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Fense’s Radio Show: December 7, 2012

A long night, but no matter. I learned long ago that spending a bit extra time doing something you love… well, it’s a good thing! Stuarto sent along a text asking if I could pick up his 8pm show and I obliged. Being a mere few hours from show time, I just threw together an… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: December 7, 2012

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FensePost Top 24: The Best EPs of 2011

It’s hard to imagine that just a few short months ago we were enjoying sunny summer days. 2011 was my best year yet, having achieved a few milestones: four and a half years running FensePost, riding my bike from Seattle to Portland and logging over 1,000 total on those two wheels between January and December,… Continue reading FensePost Top 24: The Best EPs of 2011

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Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

I entered the studio at about 9:35pm, meeting up with Stuarto, who has the time slot before mine. A quick interview about 15 minutes before my show, another few songs, and I was up. It was requested that I attempt a transition, and as indie music is my theme, and world music is his, I… Continue reading Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

Song Reviews

Typhoon: Summer Home MP3

Early in May, the girlfriend and I drove out to the Pullman/Moscow area in Eastern Washington and Western Idaho. I love this drive, as you see so many distinct types of land, and the weather was near perfect. The reason for this tirade is that we must have listened to “The Honest Truth” by Typhoon… Continue reading Typhoon: Summer Home MP3


Typhoon [Feature]

Typhoon is an eleven piece ensemble band from Portland, OR. With their album Hunger and Thirst (produced with Portland’s incredible label Tender Loving Empire), they’ve garnered quite a bit of positive attention, none of it undeserved. Named for a Nietzsche thought, Typhoon create songs highly emotive and visceral in both structure and theme. Their music… Continue reading Typhoon [Feature]