Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]

If Sergeant Sparrow Records rings a bell to most of you avid FensePost readers, that may be because the work they have put out has been no stranger to our little world. The label’s owner/operator/lady in charge, Angel Russell, has been featured for her solo work (of which is absolutely phenomenal) and teammate Arman Augusto… Continue reading Sergeant Sparrow Records [Label Spotlight]

Album Reviews

The Walking: Wanderings And Distractions [Album Review]

The Walking is a properly named moniker for the endlessly roving singer/songwriter Arman Augusto, and the experimental laced Wanderings and Distractions sounds like a beautiful collaboration between man, earth, and existence. The album was recorded in multiple locations, from up and down the west coast all the way out to Cape Cod, and it really… Continue reading The Walking: Wanderings And Distractions [Album Review]